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classic tudor building

Tudor Furniture Characteristics 5 things to look for

Tudor furniture is iconic. Intricate and detailed carving, dark woods and a shiny finish. What more could there be to love on this stylised design? We are here to explore furniture characteristics and more, and what to look out for when you are viewing this furniture. First, ever visited a Tudor furniture museum. Or even a stately home where there was some furniture? In images, Tudor furniture pictures does not truly get across the size and the luxury of the pieces on show. The ornate carving, design, and grains melding together to create a wonderful feast for the eyes. Let’s Read more »


Different types of wallpaper for your interiors

– Wallpaper in the home – FAQ 2019 Wallpapers give more than just some to look at, they give you a chance to express your personality and add some character to the specific room, rooms that may be otherwise bland and merely there as a collection of four walls that fits only a practical purpose. Although there may be a set style you have in mind, you need to keep in mind the type of material you need your wallpaper to be made out of so that it fits a certain location, it may not necessarily have the correct attributes Read more »

The hubble telescope mirror

Mirrors: A Fascinating History (Updated 2019)

Wall mirrors can be found in many homes especially in regular bathrooms and dressing rooms. This is predominantly how wall mirrors are used. Mostly, this does not limit where mirrors are placed. Mirrors increase the light in room – in turn – making it more spacious and pleasant. They are fantastic additions to many rooms in the home, and this is further evidenced by their consistent popularity today. If you are interested in this – view our post on maximising the space in your room with mirrors. Other than the bathrooms, mirrors are present in many other rooms. Living rooms Read more »

Interior Redesign Tips For A French Style Home

French style home Interior redesign is one of the best things you can do to increase the visual appeal of your house. France has always been known for its beautiful decoration which makes for some impeccable interior designs. French houses look very distinct yet sophisticated with the beautiful and unique furniture pieces and accessories which they choose to decorate their homes with. If you want to redesign your home, then you can definitely choose the shabby chic French interior design. Some of the distinctive features of French décor are the accessories, colors and furniture pieces. Remodelling your house in the French Read more »

Tall Letter & Word Lights

Different types of lighting for your home events

Whether you’re planning a big birthday party, hosting a wedding reception or celebrating an anniversary – you may well be lucky enough to hold the event in your own home. You’ll be able to save a fortune on venue costs and create a celebration that’s really unique to you. One excellent and cost effective way of making your event at home that little bit more special is with some inspired indoor lighting. Whether you’re willing to invest and buy lighting especially for your celebration, or just want to hire just for the day, there are lots of interesting lighting ideas Read more »

How Mirrors & Lighting Can Transform A Room

  (The Washington Post) THE CHALLENGE Linda Harmon would like the two-story entry of her Fairfax Station home to be more inviting. The builder-grade light fixture and white paint need to go, she says. Harmon wants the space to create a dramatic first impression instead of being a forgettable, vanilla pass-through. Her only requirement is a place where people can sit while removing their shoes. (Leah L. Jones/For The Washington Post) THE PROPOSED SOLUTION Designer Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas uses a neutral paint color with warm undertones and an eye-catching chandelier to give the space more visual impact. [For a sophisticated but Read more »

mirrored furniture

Mirrored Furniture – Making More Space

Why Mirrored Furniture Is Best For Your Home In every home, furniture will never be absent. Furniture is one of the most important ornaments that can be found inside the house, which are also made into decors that improve the aesthetic of the house. Furniture is made with different materials and sometimes it is made with mixtures of materials. Woods, steel, and glass are somehow the most common materials and these resources are often combined with each other to create great and stunning fixtures. One of the most common furniture that can be found today is mirrored furniture. Several types Read more »

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