Tudor Furniture Characteristics 5 things to look for

Tudor furniture is iconic. Intricate and detailed carving, dark woods and a shiny finish. What more could there be to love on this stylised design? We are here to explore furniture characteristics and more, and what to look out for when you are viewing this furniture. First, ever visited a Tudor furniture museum. Or even a stately home where there was some furniture?

In images, Tudor furniture pictures does not truly get across the size and the luxury of the pieces on show. The ornate carving, design, and grains melding together to create a wonderful feast for the eyes. Let’s find out about Furniture in Tudor times.

Early Tudor Furniture 

Early Tudor furniture in the 16th century was made of solid wood, and a lot of emphasis is put on the form of the piece rather than the decoration or the intricacies. Most of the details were in the carving, and some pieces had inlay.Tudor house furniture would have been precious and a lot of detailed and beautiful pieces available only for the wealthy. 

Old Charm Tudor Brown Furniture 

One characteristic of Tudor furniture is its colour. The deep brown of oak, walnut, and elm. Sometimes this was inlaid with sycamore or yew, a lighter wood. These were all European woods, and would have boosted trade overseas. You can find reproduction Tudor oak furniture from a range of places and stores!

classic tudor building
classic tudor building


This time period was heavily influenced by what other parts of Europe were doing at the time too. With trade being at the heart of everything. Tudor English designs were greatly inspired by Gothic, Italian, Flemish and french design influences, especially in the early stages of the period. 

Vintage Storage Box

You may have seen storage boxes such as large wooden chests at the end of the bed, these are typically Tudor in style and design. Small wooden chest box look very ambient and fit in with a range of styles and colors. Tudors also used a lot of leather furniture because it was another resource that was readily available, and this is why leather storage trunks were also found.

English Tudor Furniture

Really, if you are wanting classic furniture and home design, look no further than the sturdy and strong Tudor style of furniture. Large oak beams with strong shapes, and forms with intricate carving. What’s not to love? If you cannot afford this, you could think about investing in some Tudor dolls house furniture, you can readily get Tudor dolls house furniture kits, 12th scale Tudor furniture and miniature doll furniture. Tudor dolls house furniture can also fetch a great price at auction so keep a lookout!

tudor pew
tudor pew


We hope you love this classic English style period of furniture, and it certainly has made an impression of years of furniture making and wood carving after it. Really furniture is an ever changing thing, but we manage to bring the good parts of every era before we leave it behind for good, when styles and fashions change. That is the beauty of it though!

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