Interior Redesign Tips For A French Style Home

French style home Interior redesign is one of the best things you can do to increase the visual appeal of your house. France has always been known for its beautiful decoration which makes for some impeccable interior designs. French houses look very distinct yet sophisticated with the beautiful and unique furniture pieces and accessories which they choose to decorate their homes with. If you want to redesign your home, then you can definitely choose the shabby chic French interior design. Some of the distinctive features of French décor are the accessories, colors and furniture pieces. Remodelling your house in the French way doesn’t need much of research and work, despite it being a unique and eye-catching way of adding plenty of style into your home.

Here are some of the tips for you to follow to redesign your home the French way.

Choosing The Right Home Color Combinations

You will never see bold colors on the walls of any home in France, as they love pastel and neutral shades, especially white and beige. If you want to choose the classic French look for your French style home interior redesign, then you must select the right shade of white. Neither do they use the cold white nor the warm yellowish white. It is somewhat in the middle of these two extreme colors. You can look at some of the French-inspired homes on the internet and you will know the exact Parisian white color. You can also choose the beautiful beige color which is not overly warm, it must be a light enough shade so that it goes perfectly well with the furniture.

Picking Furniture For Your Home

Alice Upholstered Chairs – Sourced from Peppermill Interiors

The French love antique pieces of furniture. Whether you are choosing a bed or a sofa or a dining table, you can choose some antique pieces to decorate your house that will add both beauty and practical design to your home.  Your French style home interior will need the right wooden furniture so that you can achieve what you set out to do, to create a French home the right way. They do not believe in minimalist designs. But do not make it too clumsy. Leave enough room to breathe between the furniture pieces. Though French loves furniture pieces which are mainly upholsteries with extra comfort and cosiness, they keep the elegance and sophistication intact.

A touch of gold is always the best choice for French interior design. Whether it is the fireplace or the mirror, a gold accent will always look better. This touch of gold can enhance the beauty of your white interior walls, allowing you to create a cosy little corner with an unused space. This is a typical idea that you will witness in every French home. You can, of course, accentuate that corner with some more accessories like cushions, showpieces etc.

Picking the Perfect Shabby Chic Home Accessories

No interior design is complete with some great accessories. If you are redesigning your home, then you have to make sure that you are using the accessories in the right way as they can accentuate the overall beauty of your house. Design the home in the French style demands French-inspired accessories. Besides antique pieces, the French love floral prints a lot.

Nemmomgtpm Camd – Style Chandelier – Found on Joss & Main

They are fond of chandeliers and you can definitely add some gorgeous antique chandeliers to your living room to help add to the cosy atmosphere you are already creating with the furniture which you have already chosen. This will naturally beautify your living room and give the exact feeling of a French interior. Also, you need to be very careful about the cushions you choose, floral prints or some bright accented pillows will add a beautiful and charming vibe to your interior. You may be interested in our article about the Different types of Event lighting there is on offer.

French Style Home Interior Redesign – Conclusion

So, if you want to redesign your home with some nice and traditional French interior design ideas, then these points will definitely help you to get one. Moreover, there are many ideas available online which you can refer to for redesigning your home. You cannot add bold and bright colors to your walls if you want French inspired home décor. They mainly go for white with wooden floors. The furniture and accessories play a very important role in accentuating the overall interior design. Make sure to choose the pillow covers and curtains very carefully. It should go well with the furniture and should also stick with the French style theme you are going for.