Different types of wallpaper for your interiors

– Wallpaper in the home – FAQ 2019

Wallpapers give more than just some to look at, they give you a chance to express your personality and add some character to the specific room, rooms that may be otherwise bland and merely there as a collection of four walls that fits only a practical purpose. Although there may be a set style you have in mind, you need to keep in mind the type of material you need your wallpaper to be made out of so that it fits a certain location, it may not necessarily have the correct attributes it needs to be able to effectively survive the rooms conditions. The kitchen, for instance, will need a wallpaper that needs to be resistant to a certain level of heat. But if you have children in the home, the wallpaper in the dining area may also need to be sustainable against any surface damage meaning it will have to be washable.

We have compiled a list of places in your home that may need to feature a certain type of wallpaper material depending on the conditions but first we should discuss lining paper wallpaper as you will probably find yourself needing to use it as the backing wallpaper in most rooms before you even think about what wallpaper pattern you’re going for or if you want shiny wallpaper in your home.

What is Lining Paper?


Not actually a wallpaper which you would use to decorate your room, unless you wish to paint over it, lining paper on walls acts as a primer to wallpaper. Imagine it in the same way we use underlay for our carpets, to straighten out any imperfections so that we can lay our coloured carpet tidier. Lining paper is used once you have removed any previous wallpaper as it helps to hide and remove any wall imperfections. Because of this it is recommended to use wall covering paper before you place your decorative wallpaper by the likes of Suzanne Tick, an interior design expert, so that you can truly get a finish you desire. Not only does it help to remove any damages that may be on the wall, it ensures any wallpaper hangings you use after the wall liner has a good adhesive base. You should always align your backing paper right-angled to the paper, so if you’re hanging your colourful wallpaper vertically you should use the lining paper horizontally and vice versa.

Can you paint on Lining Paper?

Another huge reason why you should be considering lining paper is not only because of its backing wallpaper potential but you can also use it to paint over. Using the same principle as before, you would place the lining paper over a wall that has either previously had wallpaper on or – one that simply has many imperfections and the lining paper would act as a new canvas for you to be able to paint your blues and whites or whatever you may desire. Although you can get a different coloured lined paper, depending on how you want to decorate your room, white line paper is probably the best choice because you will be able to paint anything over it. Thick lining paper will also do well to hold the paint, which means it will not wash out over time like standard paintable wall liner.

Wallpaper in the Bathroom

The best bathroom wallpaper needs to hold certain characteristic which will allow it to withstand wet conditions but one that will also allow you to still have some form of decorative design in your bathroom area. Whether you’re looking for simple blue and oranges wallpapers, or perhaps you want a textured wallpaper, whatever it may be we suggest going with a Vinyl wallpaper as it holds the perfect properties for wet conditions and is also easily peeled off in case of renovation in the future.

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Vinyl Wallpapers

Vinyl wallpapers are perfect for what you need in the bathroom as they feature and outer coating of vinyl in any desired colour and they are also printed with a paper backing. This wallpaper is moisture and stain resistant because it is made partially from plastic. It needs a more experienced hand to install it too. That being said, it still peels off well and is very durable. Good for a bathroom or a kitchen. Or anywhere where there will be excess water.

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